That’s about what the office really is

That’s about what the office really is

Compare to a car, the vice presidency is really a spare tire meant to succeed the president in case of a blowout (death).

The fracas over the position started in 2016 when the son of the former president Marcos, Bongbong, ran and lost to Leni Robredo by a slim margin. Bongbong followers never forgot nor accepted the defeat they alleged to have been the result of cheating. While the case have been investigated and eventually settled the losing side kept it alive knowing they will be able to capitalize on it if Bongbong e to pass. Now it is being touted as the rematch between Bongbong and Leni on a higher level.

However, the vice presidency continues to tickle everyone’s imagination because another controversial figure is running to take over the role of a spare tire. Sara Duterte has given a big boost on Bongbong’s candidacy after agreeing to be his sidekick. Her running both excites and irritates people because she’s being used as a two-bladed weapon. She’s tag team with Bongbong when it comes to Robredo. In other words, Robredo is up against two when it comes to campaign offensive. In Filipino we called it, “pinagtutulungan” (ganging up) on Robredo.

And that is so because both are seen as rabid anti-Robredo. It’s a toxic environment out there and it was so because of the relationship Robredo had with the outgoing president and father of Sara, Digong. In politics, family comes first. Robredo having made publicly known of her abhorrence of the ily during her vp run and her friction with the current president is enough reason for the duo to gang-up on her.

Expect Marcos and Sara to have a field day pillorying Robredo when the campaign heats up. Continue reading That’s about what the office really is

I’ve mixed feeling about the animosity displayed toward the mainlanders

I’ve mixed feeling about the animosity <a href=""></a> displayed toward the mainlanders

I’m politically moderate, and see things through a fiscal lens

I am nostalgic, I embrace history (although it’s currently undergoing reinvention by the internet), and I love all things old. But I’m a mutt, having a mixed bloodline from western Europe and native American, and have no culture to embrace as my own. Hence, I’m not overly sensitive to others who are trying to preserve theirs. Continue reading I’ve mixed feeling about the animosity displayed toward the mainlanders

Altering from Electric-heat so you can Gas heat: All you have to Learn

Altering from Electric-heat so you can Gas heat: All you have to Learn

The 2 most commonly known type of energy employed for warming are energy and natural gas. For some Us americans, energy ‘s the wade-to help you stamina to own warming. Exactly what for many who already have an electric heating system hung? Is modifying from electric heat to gas heat really worth the cost and effort?

According to a study greater than step one,100000 Us citizens, 37 per cent regarding electric-heat profiles are considering using sheer gas. If the you are because of the exact same option, make use of these tips to help you create the best choice for your home and you can budget.

Know if Using Gas-heat are Feasible

Switching of electric in order to fuel is a lot easier for the majority of home owners as opposed to others. Observe how you fair, lets fall apart your unique situation:

What kind of electric-heat are you using now?

In the event that electric radiators otherwise baseboard heaters keep the family enjoying, including the fresh ductwork needed to perform a fuel heater is costly and you will state-of-the-art. It could additionally be impossible, based on how your home is established.

However, for people who already have forced-air temperature in the way of an electric heater otherwise temperature push, the latest ductwork infrastructure has already been truth be told there. That it incisions long ago into some time and debts out-of establishing a fuel furnace.

Is propane offered in your area?

Consult with your local power merchant to ensure if natural gas can be obtained home. Use of that it power was faster likely if you’re in a rural city. Regardless of if it is readily available, you might have to incorporate a petrol range, which is especially probably if for example the household try oriented until the 70s. Continue reading Altering from Electric-heat so you can Gas heat: All you have to Learn