I didn’t now that they were able to help me

I didn’t now that they were able to help me

I read some of this articles. I got the same problem awhile ago and after dealing with all the hotmail tech, finally I got the help to restore my hotmail accounts from the Billing Department.

. and this is serious! He asking for money from all contacts that he has… But it is so frustrating when he called the support centre for a report and he was told to go to webdsite and do fill up the form… It is shocking as there was no “sense of urgency” from Hotmail people.. Shouldn’t they help him over the phone to reset the password. Up til now this issue has rectify and that hacker still hanging there. Could someone please help me here.

I found out today I had my hotmail account hijacked by someone, I had a new mobile number yesterday and emailed my fiance my new number and today I got 2 of the most revolting texts from persons unknown only found out about the hotmail account afterwards> I work opposite a Police Stn so went in there to see if anything could be done and the answer was no, so much for internet theft being on the agenda, and as I remember the stupid answer to the question asked years ago someone out there is proably reining havoc under my name. One hopes there is justice in the afterlife as there sure doesnt seem to be anything down here.

someone has hacked my hotmail my facebook and my skype.. cant get on any of them, they are posting porn to me facebook and sending messages to family members saying that my girlfriend is pregnant… and i cant get my password changed… what can i do? why is there so many sad people around

After trying to sign into my email account, I found that I was not able to access my account anymore. Everything is gone, my bank information and all my charge accounts were in that email account. I don’t know if I have been hijacked, hacked, or stolen…

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