Poor cybersecurity can also cause sexts to end up in the wrong hands

Poor cybersecurity can also cause sexts to end up in the wrong hands

In order to design a sexting plan, you’ll have to do a little “threat modeling,” or deciding what data you’re trying to protect and from whom

Once we attached cameras to computers, people predictably started sending each other nudes over the internet. Research now indicates the majority of Americans are sending and receiving explicit messages online: 88 percent of the 870 people who participated in a 2015 Drexel University study said they’ve sexted.

But there’s evidence that our messages are being seen by more than just the people they’re intended for. Nearly 25 percent of sext recipients say they’ve shared messages with someone else, according to a 2016 study that polled nearly 6,000 single adults.

It’s not just shitty significant others passing around nude photos to their friends. In 2014 for example, hackers stole and then leaked over 500 explicit images of mostly female celebrities. The infamous hack was reportedly executed by phishing the victims and exploiting a flaw in iCloud. Similar hacks have continued to happen.

There are plenty of people who will rush to say that you should never sext, and blame those who face negative consequences for participating in the behavior in the first place

It’s often incredibly painful for someone to have their most intimate images and messages made public or shared with people they were never intended for. Acts of so-called revenge porn-when abusers share explicit photos and videos of their former partners-have serious emotional consequences for victims. The majority of US states now have some form of law against revenge porn.

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Are There Any Hookup Sites That Are 100% Free?

Are There Any Hookup Sites That Are 100% Free?

Like most free hookup sites, Zoosk’s free membership doesn’t give enough to truly whet your appetite. You’ll have to subscribe to the paid membership ($/month) to enjoy the best of its features.

Still, the platform’s worth a shot if you are a globe trotter and would love to sample all the local cuisines! It’s possibly the best free hookup site for frequent travelers.

What Is A Hookup?

A hookup is where you get to have sex with a person without any romantic involvement. The sex is consensual and both parties do not expect anything in return.

A casual hookup with a sex partner is NOT expected to lead to serious dating or a long-term relationship. However, there are some instances where hooking up leads to serious relationships.

Yes, there are. Spaces like the Dirty R4R subreddit offer users a completely free platform to interact with users and find local hookups.

On the other hand, other sites like Adult Friend Finder, Tinder, and Bumble also offer a free membership version to their users. There, one still gets to enjoy most of the features that the site/app has to offer, though there are limitations and ads.

Free websites are cute, but if you’re looking for serious sex, you really need to invest in paid hookup sites. By putting money on the table to become a premium user, you’re essentially telling everyone that you’re serious about your sexual encounters.

How Can I Increase My Chances For Getting A Hookup?

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