Features removable stages - use one for ultra wide lenses with no vignetting or use up to 3 for stacking multiple filters


Two-Stage, Lightest Mattebox Available


The Petroff MatteBox is a fully modular, no-tool assembly system matte box, where you can add or remove stages or adjust system components in seconds without the need of tools. It is also the lightest two stage matte box on the market, 720gr.(25 oz) only, which makes it very suitable for hand held systems.

Most of the parts are made out of glass reinforced polymers that have the tensile strength of aluminum but half the weight. While some users have reservations about plastic construction, unlike their aluminum counterparts, these advanced polymers bend and spring back to their original form when under stress.

The back clamp opening is 142mm which is the largest for this class of matte box. The flags fold and fit into the envelop of the matte box, making it compact for travel. All stages rotate 360 degrees to allow maximum control with your filters.

P44-01 Matte box includes:

  • two stages
  • two filter holders by choice
  • top, bottom and side flags
  • lens adapter ring by choice
  • Price – $240