They both love each other and respect each other?

They both love each other and respect each other?

For me, as a woman, it was satisfying and heart-warming to finally watch a rom-com that was sympathetic to women and the way we view relationships, which is not how 80 percent of rom-coms like to think we do – and yes, plenty of female screenwriters have been guilty of perpetuating myths and made-up rules about women and love (e.g. you can only have career success or a man to love). Still, it was great to see a film that was fun, funny, and feminist. Emma gets to stay a d isn’t a man-child that Emma has to babysit for the rest of her life? Hurrah! Cheers!

I do have my critiques of the film, though. Sometimes I felt that NO STRINGS ATTACHED pulled a few of its punches, stopping just short of being the movie it could be in the first half. But at some point after, the film went for it and took me along for the ride. There also could have been a bit more Cary Elwes (but I hold that opinion about every movie he’s in) as the respected doctor at Emma’s hospital, and more of Kaling and Emma’s other roommate, Guy (Guy Branum). While not a perfect film, and not the best romantic comedy in history, NO STRINGS ATTACHED is a change of pace that reminds me the genre is anything but dead or cliche past the point of return.

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher have only each other, one family member, three best friends and one clearly wrong love interest each. Photo by DW StudiosN

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People in movies lead such uncomplicated lives. I’m not referring to the premise of this romantic comedy, in which two people decide to have sex without the messiness of a relationship, but rather the strangely bare-bones aspects of the rest of their social networks. Continue reading They both love each other and respect each other?